Spring Hill Nursery is a B&B nursery growing shade and flowering trees in Central Virginia since 1991. We started with a hand full of dogwoods and now grow on two hundred acres at two locations.

We strive to deliver consistent high quality material to the customer. To do this we start with quality liners from reputable vendors. Once in our care we plant them as soon as possible. Trees are staked with fiberglass or steel stakes, pruned and taped for strong central leader. All two hundred acres are drip irrigated to maintain proper soil moisture. From there trees are sprayed, fertilized and pruned as needed.

We are a hands on business. The two of us are with the trees as much as possible. We love what we do and like to talk about it. Please give us a call or visit and let us know how we can help you with your tree needs.

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Spring Hill Nursery    5707 Cross County Road, Mineral VA 23117    804-556-6248
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